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        Established in 2016, GZ Gainer Foodstuff Co., Ltd specialized in the import and export of foodstuff. The core management team members all have more than 15 years sales experience in FMCG industry, either in Fortune 500 companies or stated-owned enterprises. They have rich experience in operation as well as setting up business from 0 to 1 by realizing the sales revenue of 50 million RMB within half a year. What’s more, one of the core share holders come from PE capital, Ltd., who is vice president for a famous Chinese investment company. Meanwhile, Gainer is cooperating with a well-known I/E network company and will get more exclusive licenses of overseas’ brands.        

        Adhering to the conception of “Happy work, Care for health, Cooperative Innovation” and the business principal of “Quality first, Service Supreme”, Gainer is devoted to bringing healthy imported food to consumers. And the business model includes on-line and off-line. Gainer sincerely hopes to cooperate with distributors, wholesalers and retailers across the country. To achieve the ultimate goal of “Win-win, Mutual gains and Co-prosperity”, Gainer will  also assist those partners to explore local markets. 

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