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Starting from a family company founded in Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia by Simon family, at first only produce jelly in packaging with the brand “HAPPY JELLY”.

Along the progress achieved and started to innovate the diversification products by using modern technology machines, therefore, in 2000 we officially established PT. Riyana Cipta Pangan Indonesia company in order to be focus on the production of food and beverage with several product brands such as Happy Time & Cookies Time for food & Happy brand for beverage.

To ensure Happy Food and Beverages product availability in all over of Indonesia, the networking distribution of Happy Group continues to be strengthened by the establishment of distribution company such as PT. Hocky Djaya Makmur and PT. Kharisma Lestari Makmur Indonesia which fully concentrate to distribute products Happy Food and Beverages.

Perseverance in establishing cooperation and partnerships with various distributors, agents and shops in Indonesia has provided many opportunities for Happy Food and Beverage serve customers better.

Various efforts and innovations continue to produce products in good quality, national standard, and meet consumer expectations. This is consistent with the company‘s commitment to produce good quality of food and beverage at an affordable price.

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